Message To Our Clients

To My Prospective Clients:

My work ethic has been shaped by the values instilled in me since childhood—the importance of working hard, of course, but also of helping others. Driven by those motivations, I’ve always wanted to work in an industry that values hard work, but also in a field where I could help people make smarter, more informed decisions.

A few years ago, I watched many of my friends and family members purchase homes when the housing market was booming. However, most of them didn’t fully understand the types of loans they were signing up for. As they went through the home-buying process, they blindly trusted their mortgage broker, assuming he or she was looking out for their best interests. Sadly, this, more often than not, was not the case. They never explained the pros and cons of, say, an “interest-only” loan. They never bothered to go over the terms of a “pick a pay plan” situation (where your loan balance continues to increase, even if you make your payments on time).

Fast-forward a few years and since then, I’ve sadly watched many of my loved ones lose their homes as a result of their broker’s mismanagement. And I saw first-hand what was left in the wake of those misguided decisions: a lot of stress, pain, and worry for their financial future. That’s when it hit me. This industry—the mortgage industry—is a field I’m very fortunate to understand and have experience in, and by helping others make smarter home-buying decisions, I could have a real, tangible impact on their lives.

So many times I’ve wished I could go back in time and help those friends and family members make wiser mortgage decisions. But what I can do now is help you make the smartest financial choices for you and your family.

Hal Light – Founder and CEO of Light Mortgage